Energy Taiwan 2021: Celxpert Shows Energy Storage System to fulfill demands from KWh to MWh scale.

With 135 nations announce the target of Net zero by 2050, it pushes ESS as mainstream of green economics in worldwide. From energy saving through energy creation to energy storage, ESS becomes the key factor and last mile in green energy solution as well as the highlight in Energy Taiwan 2021.

Celxpert Energy Corporation, within 20+ years professional in Li-ion battery pack, involves in ESS demands since 2015.

Celxpert founded in 1997, stands on as one of the market leaders in the Li-ion battery packs manufacturing industry all these years and maintain our growth. Energy Storage System with self-developed Battery Management System, we offer not only high reliability but also stabilize energy management. Compliant UL1973 & IEC62619 certifications, Modular design fulfil different scenarios from SMB KWh scale to containerize MWh level, provides end-user configure different applications flexibly.

To response green policies in Taiwan, to fulfil Taipower’s grid-support project, to accomplish RE100 target and commercial energy storage demands. Celxpert promote energy storage cabinet which capable of extending to 40” containerize solution. Power control system, energy management system, battery management system, air-con system and fire system are all integrated in one 40” container and easily connect to grid to work as ready.

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