Friendly Caring

Health Care

The company is superior to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and worker health protection rules and other laws and regulations, the implementation of a health check of all employees each year to protect the physical and mental health colleagues, prevention of occupational diseases, and as the organization of work and the improvement of the working environment reference. The implementation of the annual health check, the cost of fully subsidized by the company, colleagues can also add other inspection items at their own expense, and dependents can also enjoy preferential price to join in welfare health check.


Social Citizenship

 Celxpert allow employees to participate in public investment, self-realization, as well as make a contribution to a better society, public interest groups to participate in the annual charity donation activities around Taiwan. We encourage their own employees contribute to society through public donations manner, so that experience difficulties or disadvantaged groups of people are still optimistic and enterprising, but also to help the affected children have a better character education, become other schoolchildren life model.