Green Products

Product Design

The Company is a professional manufacturer of battery modules, in electronic 3C and Network products applications, product design in addition to follow the existing domestic and international environmental regulations, the main green product specifications based on the implementation of the customers; battery product specifications, quality and safety under the stringent requirements and restrictions, the green design "can be recovered easily disassembled ", "low pollution (toxic) " and "save energy (resources) source" as the three faces of the goal, and import the concept of life cycle, in the initial design considerations for the selection a friendly environment of raw materials, in order to reduce such greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, eutrophication, human toxicity ... and other of environmental impact index, to achieve true green products on human health and the environment a high degree of protection.


Sustainable Products

The product life cycles has made in raw materials, manufacturing, product transportation, use and end-consumer, recycling and disposal, in addition to consideration in the product design phase, to be considered for possible impact on the environment throughout all of the factors, but also to avoid potentially damaging the environment and increasing social costs, production could reach low pollution, low energy consumption and low toxicity of the product. So far, Celxpert company's products are not violation of environmental regulations related to green or regulations.