Policy and Principles

Management for Growth

Since its founding in1997, Celxpert Energy Corporation has experienced incredible growth. With its customers based on the rapidly evolving notebook computer, cellular phone and handheld device markets, the company’s future is likewise very bright.

Thereupon, Celxpert has dedicated its considerable energies and resources to developing products in its current core markets, as well as new battery technologies for emerging applications such as automotive sector.

Sustainability Policy 

The principles that guide the company in its energetic pursuit of growth are honesty and pragmatism-always putting customers first, emphasizing standards-based quality and delivering lowest-cost products. These are the deliverables and tools Celxpert is using to be an enterprise affording energy of substitute and next generation for protection of earth environment.

Human Rights Policy

Celxpert adheres to its core values and complies with international standards and principles. We promulgated "Human Rights Policy" to ensure our employees' human rights. Celxpert also strives to create harmonious employee relations and a high-involvement working environment to make sure that its own code of conduct is consistent with and no less stringent than the RBA Code of Conduct. We has established all personnel rules and regulations in accordance with the law to ensure employees ' rights and interests in work are protected and socially responsible.

     Guiding Principles

  • Forbid forced labor and Zero tolerance for child labor
  • Comply with all applicable wage laws and regulations, and legal limits to working hours
  • Provide a safe and secure work environment that is free of harassment
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and ensure equality in the workplace
  • Offer unrestricted freedom of association and respect for employees' right to peaceful assembly and to collective bargaining
  • Respect privacy, ensuring that personal data is collected and used in compliance with regulatory requirements

Quality Policy

 Celxpert implement the promotion of quality management system to innovate in product design, process optimization and process management to achieve excellence. Through full participation and continuous improvement, we provide our customers the best service to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


Quality Management

Excellent product quality has always been Celxpert pursuit of the goal, but also the performance of business competitiveness. Through quality system management, strengthen the existing quality system, integration of headquarters and production plant uniform standards, the establishment of parts purchase test items and standards, will not be affected by the movement of personnel. Integration related system processes, reduce human negligence, and continue to improve the value of products and services, achieve customer satisfaction, and always grasp the quality of information, identify problems early to reduce losses. All products for the factory from the production process of the anomaly, real-time tracking, and informed the relevant units for analysis and verification, with continuous improvement of quality, customer satisfaction mainly.

Hazardous Substances Free, HSF

The company in 2009 year execution Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM), and successfully obtain third-party notary certification unit IECQ QC080000 certificate , reducing the risk of violating various laws, requirements of the Directive, proved factory harmful substances the effectiveness of management systems.

Conflict minerals

The RBA pointed out that some of the metal ores have become the main source of funding for armed insurgent groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa that illegally collect taxes and extort money around many mines and force people and even child laborers to dig their ores for arms sales and to extend their cooperation with the government Bloody clashes that ravaged the civilian population and sparked international controversy. Celxpert body for the citizens of the world, we declare and promise not to accept the use of metal from conflict mines.