Conflict Minerals Commitment

Conflict Minerals refers to the acquisition of Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, Gold and other minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries through forced labor, child labor and other illegal methods. They were used for electronics and other products, sold in exchange for weapons, and caused regional unrest.

Some metal minerals have become the main source of money for armed insurgent groups in the Republic of Congo, Africa. They are used to trade arms, continue the bloody conflict with the government, and ravage local civilians, thus triggering international controversy.

Celxpert declared and promised not to accept the use of metals from conflict mining areas and cooperate with the supply chain to take measures:

    1. Develop a conflict-free mineral policy and require suppliers to cooperate in implementation.
    2. Participate in international organizations, continue to pay attention to mineral issues, and  grasp the latest information.
    3. Conduct supplier surveys through the Conflict Minerals Questionnaire (CMRT), and sign a commitment not to use conflict minerals to ensure production Products do not use  "conflict minerals" from Congo and surrounding countries and regions.
    4. Reveal the list of smelters to customers.