Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight
20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing Li-ion batteries pack.
Cell Selection & Testing
Mechanical Design
Thermal Management
Cycle Life
Mechanics Design
Structure Design
Consider current flow path to arrange cells array and design hard tooling nickel plate.
Wire Cable Layout
Arrange cable layout to prevent wire damage.
Thermal Simulation
To simulate thermal distribution condition for setting max discharge current.
Mechanics Test
Basic - UN38.3 test criterion to check design reliability.
Used transient time for simulation condition.
Consider different C-rate discharge condition.
Fully cell power dissipation data base.
We design BMS with own BMS technology for various application.
Modular design shorten product development time.
High flexibility to meet customized needs.
Variety of certification experience.
BMS Design
BMS Solution Evaluation
Consider system’s requirement to evaluate and select suitable solution for BMS
Safety Function Evaluation
Follow international certification to design safety Function
Optimize battery performance
Smart power management
Lower power consumption
Cell balance design
Communication Design
Customize the communication protocol.
UART /CAN interface
RTC fault log record
Validation capability
Validate by functional test/ Environment Test/Abuse Test
Functional Safety
Multi-axis welding technology. Provide fast and stable production process.
Long-term stable customers
Close relationship with suppliers and vendors to ensure stable supply
Professional battery pack design & test capability
Independent safety laboratory
More than 20 years of experience in battery management system design
High quality and high yield management process
Automated Production
Continuously improving performance capability
Self-developed test equipment to ensure production efficiency and quality