RE100: Energy Storage System, how to choose?

RE100, as the target for leading enterprises for reaching before 2050. Except solar energy and wind power, energy storage system (ESS) becomes a new topic as the last mile for green energy in the world. It should not estimate cost only by KW/hour but also the key factor of earning more benefit in different scenario.

Safety, reliability and system stabilize are considered more than regular battery or power bank in ESS. The balance of charge/discharge volume is much more complicated than regular battery packs as well.
ESS has to reach performance by tuning parameters, setting running rules, balancing charge/discharge voltage in PCS (Power Conditioning System), EMS (Energy Management System) and BMS (Battery Management System) and we are not talk about communication protocol between them yet.
Therefore, under this complex combination, choosing fine suppliers who compliant international certifications and provide safety tests as the vital factors for a successful running in large scale ESS.

ESS, compares to the solar energy and wind power, needs less area and less time for on-grid and further within rules setting to reduce contract volume, stabilizing electric frequency and backup power supply. ESS as the last mile for green energy, not only save energy, create energy but also store energy.

Containerize ESS has to compliant UL9540 or IEC62933 and PCS, EMS, BMS are have to compliant related certifications. Most of PCS and EMS suppliers have experiences decades in green energy which knowing these certifications very well. BMS, however, as a new modern in recent that many enterprises or managers are not familiar with. Generally, UL1642/UL1973/IEC62619/UN38.3 are certifications for cell and pack should compliant and IEC60730 for functional safety in BMU (Battery Management Unit). These different level of safety certifications assure system area and operation safety in any unexpected conditions.

Celxpert provides flexible and stable BMS by using BMU and battery pack (ENPLUS-M & ENPLUS-4.0BB) which compliant UL1642, UL1973, IEC62619, IEC60730 and UN38.3. Made in Taiwan ensure high quality and self-developed BMS makes system promising, independent lab offering safety tests in order to compliant all necessary certifications. Celxpert, since 1997, dedicates in manufacture battery packs for different applications, has earned many worldwide famous enterprises’ trust as well.